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TAP PROJECT 2011 A glass of water you drink will save someone's life

©UNICEF/2010/satomi matsui

Today, one in five children under age 5 in the world live without access to clean and safe water. Due to contaminated drinking water and unsanitary living environments, over 3,000 children lose their lives everyday after suffering from diarrhea and following dehydration.

Aiming to save as many lives of such children as possible, TAP PROJECT started in 2007 in New York and has spread worldwide today, promoting UNICEF's efforts to provide clean and safe water to children around the world. Supporters of the project are simply asked to make a small donation for a glass of drinking water served at participating restaurants. The donations will be passed to UNICEF and will be used for its various activities for improving water quality and sanitation around the world. In other words, a glass of water you drink will help save someone's life.

In Japan, TAP PROJECT first started in 2009 in Tokyo and Yokohama and has expanded to Kanagawa, Nagoya, and the Kansai (western Japan) region last year, collecting about 25 million yen in two years. Funded by the donations, projects to improve water quality and sanitation are now in progress in farming villages in Madagascar, Africa.

This year, TAP PROJECT will be campaigning nationwide in Japan from March 19 (Sat.) through March 27 (Sun.), including World Water Day (March 22). In addition to leaving extra money for water at participating restaurants, those who would like to support the project may make donations through an online donation or one-click donation system. The collected fund is scheduled to be used also for the UNICEF's effort for water and sanitation improvement in Madagascar. For more information about the TAP PROJECT, please visit the project's official website. (TAP PROJECT official website in English)