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Making a change to the world by choosing a chocolate 
Choco-Revo! Campaign

Although it is often hard to find anyone who does not like sweet and tasty chocolate, the bitter reality surrounding the production of chocolates is unfortunately not well known to as many people as it should be. While the majority of the production of cocoa, the main ingredient of chocolate, comes from west Africa, a number of issues remain unsolved at cocoa farms in cocoa-producing countries, including heavy labor, poverty, deforestation, and the decrease of organism species caused by the deforestation. As a consumer, choosing organic and/or fair trade chocolates that are "friendly to our people and earth" is one of the first steps we can make to help ease these problems.

Choco-Revo Alliance 2011, which is formed by companies and organizations involved in the import and sale of fair trade and organic chocolates, is currently running its Choco-Revo! campaign to encourage people to celebrate this year's Valentine Day with chocolates that are produced in consideration of workers and environments in the cocoa producing countries.


©Choco-Revo Alliance 2011

If you are interested in the campaign, visit its official website and learn about featured chocolate products that are made under safe labor conditions and/or using a sustainable farming method. You are also invited to take part in promoting people/earth-friendly chocolates by joining Choco-Revo! Card Action. The Card Action asks those who purchase, share, or eat the campaign's featured chocolates to show your support for changing the world with chocolates by writing your name on a Choco-Revo card, available at campaign event sites and participating shops, and returning it to the event sites or the participating shops. The number of the pledges made with the Choco-Revo cards will be announced on the campaign website. Join a revolution that begins with choosing a chocolate. For more information about the campaign, visit the official website below.

Choco-Revo! Campaign /Choco-Revo Alliance 2011 (in Japanese only)