Nantokashinakya! Project: 5.5 billion people whom we cannot simply ignore
At a press conference marking
the inauguration of the project
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About 5.5 billion people live in developing countries facing various issues and difficulties today. As the world continues to globalize, the distance between Japan and these countries is becoming shorter in many aspects, from everyday living to national economy. Being closely associated with each other, we Japanese need to realize that saving the future of people in the developing countries directly leads to saving the future of our own, and eventually, to that of the whole world. Launched on July 27 this year by a collaboration of JANIC (Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation), JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), and UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), the Nantokashinakya! Project aims to share with people this urgency of “taking action and doing something” to save our future.

As a base of its activities, the project features a special website, which functions as a portal site of international cooperation by providing all kinds of information on an unprecedented scale. Visitors to the website may learn about the current circumstances the developing countries are facing by reading articles from the “reference room” pages or the “international cooperation blogs.” The site is also a great place to search for non-governmental organizations and their activities, charities, and fair trade products that may interest you when you are ready to take action and become part of the project.

Another feature of the project is its “project member” and “project supporter” systems. In addition to NGOs and international organizations that specialize in global cooperation, a number of celebrities and other influential figures support the project as project members, including baseball fame Sadaharu Oh, actress Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, and model and 1st runner-up of Miss Universe 2006 Kurara Chibana. Each project member shares their experiences and passions in international cooperation by sending video messages, visiting and reporting from the developing countries, or presenting lectures at related events. The project supporter system welcomes anyone wishing to be part of the project to register as a supporter of the project, regardless of their experiences in international cooperation. The supporter’s role is to tell people in their own words through blog or twitter about what they have learned from the project website, how they feel about it, or what actions they have taken for it. Nantokashinakya! Project is designed to expand a circle of international cooperation by collecting opinions from every concerned supporter.

The project is scheduled to run until March, 2013. Its message to encourage people in Japan to take action will be delivered through the project website as well as at music concerts and other events promoting international cooperation. If you wonder what you can do to help the world work together, first check out the website below and see what is happening.

Nantokashinakya! Project website:

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