A new MDGs2015 campaign aims to reduce worlds’ poverty by half Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC)

Millennium Development Goals, abbreviated as MDGs, is a set of universal development goals established based on the United Nations Millennium Declaration, which was adopted at the UN Millennium Summit in the year 2000. The eight goals, which aim to be achieved by 2015, include reducing the number of people in poverty by half.

With just five more years before the target year, a review summit is scheduled this September to discuss MDGs’ current progress and future action plans. It seems, however, that global poverty issues have been becoming more serious than before, putting the achievement of the MDGs in question. Further, the recognition of the MDGs is very limited in Japan.

To boost the awareness of the MDGs’ goals and activities among people in Japan, the Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation, or JANIC, has launched the MDGs2015 campaign. While introducing the various efforts of the UN organizations, national governments, corporations, and nongovernmental organizations to promote the MDGs, the campaign also provides seminars to learn about the MDGs and makes suggestions of activities in which anyone can participate to be part of the effort, including a donation program that helps fund of the NGOs working towards the accomplishment of the goals.

As part of the promotion of the campaign, a unique and colorful campaign website has been opened by incorporating Twitter. On its homepage, a large, rainbow-colored heart is gradually being filled with Tweets or messages, which are posted by those who support the campaign talking about their thoughts and ideas of current situations of global poverty and possible solutions to it. The posted Tweets are forwarded to the UN and other related organizations and governments.

Started on April 1 this year, the campaign is scheduled to continue until the end of March in 2012 with a variety of workshops and events to be provided. If you are interested, visit the campaign website to get the latest information about the campaign.

MDGs2015 campaign information (in Japanese only)

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