Supporting people’s lives with a blanket:Japan Blankets for Africa Campaign

Did you know that need for blankets is quite high in Africa? Temperature changes drastically in some parts of Africa, and for those who live in areas where it gets so cold at night, a blanket serves as an important life-saving tool. During the day, blankets are also used as coats, swaddling clothes, sunshades, carpets, and for many other things. For those people, blankets are daily necessities in their lives.

The campaign to send blankets from Japan to Africa began in 1984 when a severe drought hit a large part of Africa and the Executive Director of UNICEF at that time called on the world to donate blankets to the affected areas. About 1.71 million blankets were collected in Japan then. The movement has been continued until today without disruption, and a total of 3,897,205 blankets have been sent to Africa so far.

This year's Japan Blankets for Africa Campaign is held from April 1 through May 31, 2010. You may support the campaign in two ways; by donating a blanket and 1,000 yen as part of transportation cost, or by donating transportation cost only. Promoting the campaign and increasing its recognition among people is another way. Donators of blankets are encouraged to sew on a fabric tag with a message such as "Always with you" along with an illustration. The campaign official website provides more information about how to donate blankets and/or money. You may also e-mail your questions to the campaign office or call a prerecorded information service. Send a blanket with your heart to warm up people in Africa.

Japan Blankets for Africa Campaign (JBAC) (in Japanese only)
Prerecorded information service: 0570-064-408

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