The City of Shinjuku recently published "Guide to Living in Shinjuku," a new guidebook designed to support foreign residents who have just moved to start a new life in Japan. Anyone who is new to a life in a foreign country can occasionally feel lost as they try to adapt themselves to the different culture and customs of the country. The guidebook, along with a plenty of illustrations, introduces such new foreign residents mainly to daily manners and customs that are considered important in the Japanese lifestyle.

The topics that are covered in the guidebook include the process of renting an apartment, trash disposal rules, traffic regulations, earthquake preparation, and many more. The guidebook also talks about how important to be punctual and keep promises in Japanese society where cooperativeness is often emphasized. Readers will learn how to make their lives smooth while enjoying reading informative advice from other long-term foreign residents. Emergency contacts, Japanese language classes, consultation services for foreign residents, and the necessary procedure to receive public services are also included in the book. Information is written in Japanese (with the readings in hiragana), English, Chinese, and Korean. Along with the guidebook, the city has also published new "Shinjuku City Guide Map", a detailed English map of the city with public facilities and other important places marked in four languages.
Both "Guide to Living in Shinjuku" and "Shinjuku City Guide Map" are available to view online on the Shinjuku City's official website.
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