This series of articles introduces a variety of the latest activities related to international exchange/cooperation and support for foreign residents in Japan.
The handbook is available in five languages (English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese) and accompanies Japanese translation.

The Agency for Cultural Affairs recently published "Handbook of Learning Japanese and Life in Japan," a guidebook for foreign nationals who are just starting their new lives in Japan to work, to study, or to stay with their families. Anyone could feel anxious about living in a foreign country where language, culture, and customs are all different from what he or she grew up with. This book is designed to provide such new foreign residents with basic information and knowledge about life in Japan, which may also help them learn Japanese language better.

The book is mainly addresses four topics. The section "Living in Society" introduces major social systems in Japan, including alien registration requirements, procedures related to residential status (visa), social insurances, and education. The "Living Safely and Worry-Free" section teaches readers what they should know about when they have medical needs, deliver a baby, raise a child, become involved in a traffic accident, or seek support for various issues. "Enjoying Life" suggests different ideas to make life in Japan easier and more enjoyable, such as traditional annual events, money and banking systems, and services and support for foreign residents provided by international associations. And lastly, "Information on Learning Japanese" gives various tips for learning Japanese language, such as where and how to study Japanese, how to make the best use of online resources, and more. As a special feature, the handbook also contains an original manga story created by renowned manga artist, Leiji Matsumoto. Available in English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese, the guidebook will surely become a great source for anyone who is new to Japanese lifestyles.
To obtain a free copy, you may download it from the website of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. You may also request a printed copy by mail.
Agency for Cultural Affairs: "Handbook of Learning Japanese and Life in Japan"
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