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In Japan, all people are included in the National Pension System. When you enter old age or if you have a disability (something interfering with physical or mental function), your pension is money that will support your life.

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National Pension and Employees’ Pension

Japanese National Pension System

In Japan, all people aged 20 to 59 are included in the National Pension System. Foreigners living in Japan are also included. The National Pension System consists of a National Pension and a Employees’ Pension.
When enroll in the National Pension System, you will receive a pension handbook. Your pension book shows your pension number.

What is the National Pension?

People who enroll in the National Pension are store managers, freelancers, students, unemployed persons, etc.

To enroll in the National Pension, please complete the procedures at the national pension counter of your ward office or city hall.

Contributions (money paid to the National Pension) are paid to the National Pension until the age of 60.
From April 2020 to March 2021, the contribution amount is 16,540 yen per month.
Every year in April, the Japan Pension Service sends a payment slip (a document for paying contributions) to enrollees. You can use the payment slips to pay at banks, post offices, or convenience stores. You can also pay via account transfer (direct withdrawal of money from your bank account or post office account) or credit card.

There is also a system for not paying contributions when payment is difficult due to low income from work or loss of work. For more information, please ask at the national pension counter of your ward office or city hall.

Also, there is a system for students to pay the contributions at a later date. For details, please ask at the national pension counter of your ward office or city hall, or at a nearby pension office.
Schools where this system can be used are listed on the next page.

What is the Employees’ Pension?

The Employees’ Pension is a pension for people who work at a company. Procedures are handled by company staff.
People who join the Employees’ Pension plan will also join the National Pension plan through the Employees’ Pension system. These procedures are also handled by company staff.
You and the company will each pay half of the contributions (money paid to pension) for the Employees’ Pension. The amount you pay is decided by your salary. Your company will deduct contributions from your salary.
When people who were enrolled in the Employees’ Pension receive their pension money, they will receive money for both the Employees’ Pension and the National Pension.

Foreigners Who Do Not Have to Join the Japanese National Pension System

Foreigners from countries that have special agreements with Japan may not have to join the Japanese National Pension System.
Countries whose citizens can use this system are listed on the next page.

Money You Can Receive by Entering the National Pension System

Old-age Pension

The money you receive will support your life in old age. You can receive the money every month after reaching 65 years of age. However, in order to receive the money, you must first pay contributions (money paid to pension) for at least 10 years.

Disability Pension

The money you receive will support your life if you have a disability (something interfering with physical or mental function). The amount of money that you can receive is decided by the type of disability, and by whether or not you have children.

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Survivors’ Pension

If a person who pays the majority of money required for his/her family dies, the money will support the surviving family members. However, the person who died must have paid pension contributions for the required period of time. The money can be received by the surviving wife, husband, or children under 18 years of age.

Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment

What is the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment?

If a foreigner who was enrolled in the Japanese pension returns to his/ her country before receiving the pension money, they can receive money called a “lump-sum withdrawal payment.”

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This money can be received by persons who meet all of the following requirements.

  1. No longer has an address in Japan and no longer pays the Japanese pension.
  2. Paid contributions (money paid to pension) to the National Pension or Employees’ Pension for at least 6 months.
  3. Paid contributions for no more than 9 years and 11 months.
  4. Has not received money from the disability pension.

Also, foreigners who have paid contributions for 10 years or more can receive an old-age pension once they turn 65, even if they return to their native country.

How to Receive the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment

Within two years of having no address in Japan, send the “Application for the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments” to the Japan Pension Service.
You can download the application from the next page.

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