September 2019

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When an Earthquake Occurs

Japan is a country with frequent earthquakes. An earthquake can occur anywhere at any time. What should you do if there’s a major earthquake? Here are some tips.

When You Feel Strong Shaking

If you are at home


If you are outside

When the Shaking Has Stopped

Confirm safety in your surroundings

When the shaking has stopped, confirm the following.

Gather information about the earthquake

Check for information about the earthquake on TV, the radio, and the internet.
Information from the municipal office, the fire department, and the police is especially important. There could be a call for you to evacuate, which is called hinan.


This website provides the latest disaster information, such as evacuation warnings in Tokyo

TMG's Disaster Prevention Website

NHK WORLD TV broadcasts in English 24 hours a day. NHK WORLD RADIO broadcasts in 17 different foreign languages. You can access these from the NHK WORLD website or by using the NHK WORLD phone application.


Determine whether you need to evacuate (hinan) or not

If the place where you are currently is dangerous, go to the hinanjo (evacuation area).
The hinanjo will be a nearby school or park.


You can search for the hinanjo in different areas of Tokyo on the website below.

TMG's Disaster Prevention Map Japanese version
TMG's Disaster Prevention Map English version

Evacuate (hinan)

Things to do before evacuating (hinan)

If you’ve decided to evacuate (hinan), make sure to do the following first.


Things to be careful of outside

After a large earthquake, smaller earthquakes continue to occur. These shakes are called aftershocks (yoshin).
These aftershocks can occur at any time. When you’re outside, be careful of objects which could fall or break, and choose the widest available paths.
Also, follow these rules.

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