July 2019

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L'ESPACE is a diverse French word that means place,area,cosmos,and gap.

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Consultation Services for Various Problems

If you have problems or questions, we encourage you to consult with others instead of trying to handle things yourself.
The following is a list of consultation services with counselors who can speak foreign languages and easy-to-understand Japanese, or which offer interpretation services.

Problems in daily life

Contact consultation desks of Tokyo Metropolitan Government or your municipality

Consultation services for non-Japanese people are available at Tokyo Metropolitan and local municipal offices. Non-Japanese people can consult regarding problem in daily life and other questions.
The timing at which different languages are supported for consultations differs at each office. In some cases, consultation is only available to people living in the region, working in the region, or attending school in the region. Please check the following homepages.

Contact consultation desks of Tokyo Metropolitan Government or your municipality

Contact international associations

International associations support interaction among Japanese and international residents living in the community, and help international residents lead a comfortable life in the community.
International associations also provide consultation for non-Japanese people. The timing at which different languages are supported for consultation differs at each international association. Please check the following homepages.

Searching for doctors and consulting about health concerns

Searching for a hospital

The following information centers can assist you with finding a hospital offering foreign-language services. They also provide information on the medical system in Japan.


Consultation on physical and emotional health

For difficult problems

Consultation on residence status

Consultation with a legal expert

Professional Consultation for Foreign Residents

You can consult with an attorney or other legal expert on problems such as residence status, marriage, divorce, and trouble at work. Interpretation is available in various languages. Please contact the group operating the consultation by telephone to check the scope of consultation and the supported languages.


Consultation on trouble at work

You can consult regarding work-related trouble such as not receiving payments for overtime work or not receiving vacation time.

Consultation on trouble when making purchases

Tokyo International Communication Committee

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