Hello everyone, this is Meilin. I was on the way to a business meeting with Catherine when our train suddenly stopped!

メイリン Oh no! We might be late for the meeting. Should we call and let them know?
カトリーヌ I think it will be ok. Let’s wait for a while and see what happens.
メイリン I think the conductor is saying that the train has stopped for an inspection.
カトリーヌ Wait, the train started moving.

I think we’ll make it to the meeting fine. I’m glad that we left the office a bit early.


Right, it’s always good to remember that the train could be late anytime or we might get lost on the way. We have to make sure we’re not late for a meeting.


Arriving at the appointment a little earlier also gives you some time to tidy yourself up and organize your thoughts.

カトリーヌ I think the same goes for our everyday work. I try to leave home so that I get to the office a few minutes earlier before the day begins. I really enjoy spending time in the morning drinking a cup of coffee and planning what I’m going to do that day.
メイリン I should do the same.


Our business meeting went just fine. As we got back to the L’ESPACE office and were making a report about the meeting, I happened to notice Mr. Tanaka’s day planner.

メイリン Wow, your day planner looks pretty full.
田中 With this planner I can see my workflow at a glance. It’s been really handy in making my schedule.
ベンジャミン Being so large, it looks very easy to use.
田中 I keep both daily and weekly to-do lists as well.
メイリン That looks useful! You can see what you’re supposed to do just by looking at it. Do you use one too, Benjamin?
ベンジャミン No, but I use my cell phone instead to keep track of my schedule.
メイリン Is it some sort of application that works with your phone?
ベンジャミン Right, you can also synchronize it with your computer. I set the alarm to receive a reminder message on my computer screen ten minutes before meetings.
メイリン I see. I haven’t done anything more than take notes on my schedule. I’ll look into more options to find out how I can manage my schedule better!
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