I have caught a cold and am not feeling well today. I am about to make a call to my boss, Mr. Tanaka, before the office starts the day.  
メイリン Hello, this is Meilin.
田中 Good morning, Meilin. What’s the matter with you?
メイリン Well, I have caught a cold and have taken some medication but still have a fever this morning. I do feel bad about missing work, but I am afraid I am going to have to ask if I can stay home today.
田中 Do you have a high temperature? You should go and see a doctor if things get worse. Is there anything that has to be taken care of today?
メイリン I was supposed to be at a meeting with the sales department this afternoon. I have something I want to let Benjamin know--he was going to attend the meeting with me.
田中 It’s probably best that you talk to him directly. I’ll put Benjamin on the phone.
メイリン Thank you so much.
ベンジャミン Hello, Meilin. I heard you got a cold.
メイリン Yes, I do. I am very sorry that I cannot attend the meeting today. I wrote down the things I wanted to discuss with the sales department and left a memo on my desk.
ベンジャミン Hold on…OK, I found your memo. I will make sure to let the sales department know all the things you listed.
メイリン I really appreciate it.
ベンジャミン No problem. Just take care of yourself and have a good rest.
メイリン Thank you so much. See you.
ナターシャ I am glad you got to stay home today, Meilin.
メイリン I’ve never taken a day off or been late for work before…
ナターシャ Well, don’t feel too bad. Here is a cup of tea with some jam mixed in. It’s good for colds, so make sure you drink some of it!
メイリン Thank you, Natasha.
ナターシャ OK, I am going to work now. Stay warm!

  I am feeling much better now after a day’s rest. I will be wearing a mask to work at L’ESPACE today since I still have a slight cough.  
メイリン Good morning, all. I really appreciate you all covering for me yesterday.
田中 I am glad that your cold didn’t hang on for too long. I heard that a bad virus has been going around. Please keep taking good care of yourself, everyone.
We will do.
ベンジャミン Meilin, I have put together what we discussed at yesterday’s meeting. Make sure you take a look at it.
メイリン Thank you so much, Benjamin. You have been a great help. I will pay a visit to the sales department to apologize for missing the meeting yesterday as well.
カトリーヌ Missing work unexpectedly due to illness or other emergencies can happen to anyone. What is important is to take care of matters appropriately before and after your absence.
田中 I second that. I am just glad that it didn’t cause any major trouble for anyone. Alright, let’s get in another great day’s work!

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