Hello! This is Meilin. As the year 2010 finally kicked off, staff members at the display design department of the shopping center L’ESPACE got together to discuss our goals for the new year.  
全員 Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu (Happy New Year). Let’s make our new year a good one together.
田中 Well, it is probably not the best topic to start with, but I am concerned about how the economic trend will affect us this year.
カトリーヌ Many department stores and retailers have seen a decline in sales, as well as the number of customers.
ベンジャミン That’s a shame…we need to come up with some great display ideas to drive off the recession.
メイリン I am so glad that our Christmas market became a great success. We were packed with customers throughout the days.
田中 I learned that the total sales of the shopping center went up 30% from the past holiday season. What would you suggest that the key to the successful event was?
ベンジャミン I think it was because we were able to present our Christmas in a different way from others. We also promoted friendly communication with customers through services such as free drinks, which I believe contributed to the success as well.
カトリーヌ I agree. We cannot attract customers just by chasing popular trends or making seasonal displays. We need to create a space to which customers feel like coming back again and again.
メイリン Many of our customers are families. I wonder if we should create a play area where small children can play after getting tired of shopping.
カトリーヌ It would be nice if we had a place where adult customers can take a break and relax. My image is to make a little oasis with lots of plants and a small fountain.
田中 They all sound like great ideas. Just remember that you are always encouraged to bring any of your ideas to us. Our display design department relies heavily on the unique imaginations of each of you.

  After the meeting, all members of the display design department went to check the shopping center. The center was packed with customers who want to buy a fukubukuro package.  
メイリン Wow, what a crowd! What is fukubukuro, by the way?
ベンジャミン Fukubukuro is a “lucky bag” that is sold during the New Year and is very popular in Japan.
カトリーヌ The exciting part is that you don’t know what’s in the bag. I buy one myself every year just for fun.
田中 Clothing and miscellaneous items are most popular, but home appliances and various other items are often included in the bags.
メイリン I see. It sounds like many people look forward to buying fukubukuro during the New Year holidays!
カトリーヌ We can present coordinating displays to a special event like this to add excitement to the event and encourage customers to enjoy shopping.
田中 We need to continue building a stronger relationship with the sales department.
メイリン We have so many jobs to do…but I am very motivated to get them done too.
田中 I believe we will have a great success by bringing our talents together.
ベンジャミン Let’s put our heads together and work hard to bring more people to L’ESPACE!

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