A gorgeous Christmas market is made possible by everybody working together!

  Hello, everyone! I am Meilin. At the shopping center L'ESPACE where I work, we are planning a Christmas-themed display for the upcoming holiday season. Catherine, Benjamin and I are having a meeting today in hope of coming up with some great ideas to make our customers' holiday shopping a fun experience.  

カトリーヌ So how do you celebrate Christmas in your country?
メイリン In major cities in China, Christmas is a time for a big celebration. People enjoy the season in a similar way to Christmas in Japan.
ベンジャミン In South Africa, we celebrate Christmas in summer! People have barbeque parties on the beach.
メイリン That sounds fun. How about you, Catherine?
カトリーヌ In France and many other European countries, Christmas market is very popular.
メイリン What is that like?
カトリーヌ Streets are illuminated with holiday lights and a number of vendors line up their stalls in an open area to sell Christmas ornaments and various gift items. People enjoy shopping with a cup of hot wine or cocoa in hand.
ベンジャミン I can picture the scene.
カトリーヌ I love Christmas market and have visited many markets in different places throughout Europe. I have taken tons of pictures too.
メイリン How about enlarging some of those pictures and putting them up in the shopping center's central square?
ベンジャミン That's a great idea. We can also give customers a free cup of hot wine or cocoa.
カトリーヌ We should have a Christmas shop too.
メイリン I'm getting excited about our plan!
ベンジャミン We definitely need other departments' help to provide the free drinks or run a Christmas shop, though.
カトリーヌ Then we should draw up a proposal and ask for their support.
メイリン I think you are the best person to write the proposal this time, Catherine.
ベンジャミン I agree. You also write and read Japanese so well. Of course we will help you as much as we can.
カトリーヌ Sure. It would be so nice if we could open our own Christmas market at L'ESPACE!

  The proposal of the Christmas market was successfully approved. In the shopping center's main square, we have displayed posters of enlarged photos that Catherine took of European Christmas markets. We have also set up fresh Christmas trees and decorated them with sparkling ornaments. The square is lined with a variety of vendors and has been packed with customers.  

田中 I am so impressed by this beautiful Christmas market that magically emerged while I was away on a business trip!
メイリン There has never been a break in the line of people waiting for free wine and cocoa.
ベンジャミン People seem to really enjoy looking at Catherine's photos, too.
カトリーヌ This is like a real Christmas market. We couldn't have had this success without everybody's help.
サンタクロース姿の店員 Are you from the display department?
田中 Yes. Thank you so much for your cooperation for our Christmas event this time.
サンタクロース姿の店員 You are more than welcome. Customers love the event, and our Christmas items are selling really well, too.
カトリーヌ That's great to hear!
サンタクロース姿の店員 Would you like a cup of hot wine? I believe it has passed the closing time of the shopping center.
メイリン Thank you. I like the nice smell of the spices.
ベンジャミン Let's have a toast to the wonderful Christmas season!
全員 Merry Christmas!!

* L'ESPACE Santa … Shop clerk dressed in Santa costume
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