Fall is a harvest season. It is a good time to remind yourself to be grateful for nature's blessings and for the joy of being able to work.

  Hello everyone, I'm Meilin. It's already been a month since I started working at the shopping center L'ESPACE. At the display design department where I work, we are in a process of planning a display that reflects the beautiful season of fall. I got some great ideas which I am going to present at a staff meeting. Hope everyone will like them!  

ベンジャミン You cannot discuss fall in Japan without talking about koyo (autumn colored leaves). I want to add red and orange colors to the shopping center's main square.
カトリーヌ We should have some hands-on displays so that our customers can take part in them as well.
メイリン How about making a bulletin board in the shape of a large tree to symbolize the harvest season? We may call it Autumn Tree and ask customers who visit the square to leave a message which we can put on the board.
カトリーヌ That's a great idea! But what kind of messages are we asking our customers to write?
メイリン How about setting a theme as "my harvest of the year" and let customers write on a card about what they have accomplished this year with their hard work and effort. We will display those cards on the tree to share with other customers.
田中 I think your idea is wonderful, Meilin! Let's get this plan on the road, and we are going to transform the main square into Harvest Square. We will have a message board on which to post "my harvest of the year" messages from the customers.
ベンジャミン It would be fun to let the customers choose their card from different shapes of fall fruits. In that case, we definitely need kaki (persimmon) and kuri (chestnut).
メイリン We can add budo (grape), nashi (pear), and ringo (apple)...
カトリーヌ I think kinoko (mushroom) would be cute, although it is not a fruit.
ベンジャミン Why not!
田中 Alright, it seems like we are all getting a better picture of this year's display. Let's move on and start making detailed plans for our "Harvest Square." We need to gather materials, contact designers, and lots of other things!

  The "Harvest Square" and "my harvest of the year" bulletin board finally started. As I originally suggested, we have put up an "Autumn Tree" bulletin board, and I am responsible for posting message cards that customers have written. I am a little nervous here because I usually do not meet the customers directly. My friend Tom, who helped me find this job, came to see me at the Harvest Square.  

トム Hi Meilin. You seem to be doing well at your new work. I love these displays you have put up in the square.
メイリン Thank you! Your word is really encouraging for me.
トム I was reminded of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Thanksgiving is an American custom to show gratefulness for fall harvest and many other blessings we have received.
メイリン I heard that it is customary that families get together to eat turkey.
トム Right. For dessert, my mother always served her homemade apple pie and pumpkin pie. I miss those pies.
田中 Meilin, customers really like your idea for the displays. How do you feel about serving the customers directly?
メイリン At first, I was very nervous and could not give good answers when customers asked me questions. But everyone was so relaxed and open to talk to me, so I gradually got better at keeping a smile on my face while talking to the customers. They really helped me relax.
田中 I saw you talking to children a little while ago and you seemed to enjoy that. I think that's wonderful. What messages did you hear from the customers so far?
メイリン One kid says that he became able to do sakaagari on a gymnastic bar. One grandfather says that he learned how to use a PC and started exchanging e-mails with his grandchild. Another one says that he was able to finish a full marathon.
田中 This one says that she got a job that she really wanted. It sounds like you.
メイリン It really does! I had to work really hard to get the things ready, but after seeing customers enjoying writing and reading the messages, I almost forgot how tired I was.
田中 We did not have much time to get prepared, but I think you did a great job.
メイリン Today is Labor Thanksgiving Day, right? I just want you to know that I am so thankful for being able to work here. I was able to experience so many new things, and it was the greatest harvest this fall!
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