Information to Help When Disaster Prevention and Disaster

Procedures and Certifications

The Internet resources listed below provide information about post-disaster procedures.

5-1 Summary of Various Systems for the Provision of Assistance to Disaster Victims (Cabinet Office) (Japanese only)

This webpage provides information about the government systems for providing assistance to victims at times of disaster. It is useful when checking what kind of assistance systems can be utilized in line with the specific post-disaster situation. Information is organized into the following categories: "Economic and living assistance," "Assistance for the securing and restoration of housing," "Assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises and independent businesses," and "Assistance for the creation of safe communities." The document describes the types and the content of assistance, the eligibility rules for assistance, and gives contact information for inquiries.

5-2 Immigration Bureau of Japan

The website of the Immigration Bureau of Japan provides information regarding immigration procedures (disembarkation and embarkation) in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese.

Foreign residents who have lost their passports in a disaster should apply for the reissuance of a new passport at their own country's embassy. Next, they should apply at the Immigration Bureau of Japan for visa. The alien registration procedures are carried out at municipal offices.

5-3 Reissuance of Driver's License in the Event of Loss, Theft, or Damage (Metropolitan Police Department) (Japanese only)

This webpage contains information about the necessary documents for reissuance of driver's license and the places where one can apply for a reissuance.

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