Information to Help When Disaster Prevention and Disaster

Communicating Information

The Internet resources listed below enable safety confirmation, give access to lists of broadcasting stations and broadcasts in foreign languages, and give information on how to transmit information.

2-1 How to use telephones at times of disaster (Telecommunications Carriers Association (TCA)) (Japanese only)

This webpage provides links to the official websites of various telecommunication carriers with explanations on how to use emergency phone voice-mail services and disaster message services in order to leave messages to family members and acquaintances at times of disaster. Try accessing the disaster message service of your mobile telephone carrier and learn how to use it.
This webpage provides links to the websites of NTT East, NTT West, NTT DOCOMO, au, SOFTBANK MOBILE, EMOBILE, and WILLCOM.

2-2 Links to the latest nation-wide information on newly launched community FM stations (Isogo Tsushin Kikaku) (Japanese only)

This webpage provides information on the nicknames, frequencies, and locations of community broadcasting stations all over Japan.The webpage features links to the websites of each broadcasting station. It is useful for obtaining information on the situation in various regions in Japan via local broadcasting.

2-3 List of Internet broadcasting stations (Keaton) only)

This website provides links to Internet broadcasting stations classified by genre. It is a private website established with the objective of introducing Internet broadcasting stations. The website contains links to approximately 300 stations classified by genre, as follows: music, radio talk, news, sports, events, live webcam broadcasts (broadcasts from webcams located in various regions in Japan), and EXPO relays. This website is useful when collecting information from Internet broadcasts.

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