Information to Help When Disaster Prevention and Disaster

Disaster Prevention Information

The Internet resources listed below provide the latest information in the event of a disaster.

1-1 Earthquake information (Japan Meteorological Agency)

This website provides the latest information announced by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) on the most recent earthquakes. Knowing the epicenter and the scale of the earthquake, as well as the possibility of a tsunami threat is extremely useful when providing information to evacuees.

1-2 Information Service Center for Disaster Prevention (ISCDP) (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) (Japanese only)

The ISCDP webpage provides emergency disaster-prevention information for the entire country. It gives access to real-time rainfall and meteorological information and warning, drought information, river disaster prevention information, flood warning hazard maps, tidal level information, traffic regulations, road emergency warnings and other real-time information useful for disaster prevention.

1-3 Disaster related information (TMG's Disaster Prevention Information)

In the event of a disaster, the regular top page will change into the above website, where information regarding casualties and emergency announcements will be posted.

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