Useful Information for Foreign Residents

Living Information

This guide serves as a great source of information for foreign residents living in Tokyo by providing useful and readable articles in three categories including “Tips for a Better Living Experience,” What to Do in Case of Emergency,” and “Living Guide.”

Living Information

L’ESPACE - monthly newsletter -

Our monthly online newsletter, “L’ESPACE,” aims to provide a wide range of information about international friendship exchanges, international cooperation activities, and support and assistance available for foreign residents in Tokyo.

Tips for Tokyo Life

Introducing procedures and rules, etc. in simple Japanese, which are often a source of confusion to foreigners who have just started living in Tokyo.

Close UP

An interview article features various international cooperation organizations as well as support groups for foreign residents in Tokyo every month to introduce and promote public understanding of their activities and sincere efforts made by their staff members.

Editor's Pick

Introducing a variety of tools which are useful for foreigners living in Tokyo.


Useful Links for Foreign Residents

The collection of links to websites may provide useful information and tips for foreign residents in Tokyo.

Information to Help When Disaster Prevention and Disaster

This site contains Q&A Manual and a collection of useful links, which compile useful information for those who aim to assist foreign residents in case of earthquakes and other disasters, along with “Disaster–Awareness Video”, which helps acquire knowledge about disaster prevention through animation pictures.

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