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Chuo City Public Facility Tour for Foreign Residents

Category Event
Date Saturday, March 3, 2018
Time 9:30~12:30
Place Tokyo Chuo City Tourist Information Center , Tsukuda Machikado Museum , Tsukijiuogashi
Content We will visit ”Tokyo Chuo City Tourist Information Center” opened to inform the charm of Chuo City including tourist information, ”Tsukuda Machikado Museum” which exhibits a local Mikoshi, a portable shrine, among Machikado Museums established to let you discover and learn the cultural assets in Chuo City, and ”Tsukijiuogashi”, a new wholesale facility set up to maintain and develop energy and liveliness of Tsukiji.
Organizer Chuo City Office
Telephone 03-3546-5645
E-mail b-syogai_01@city.chuo.lg.jp
URL http://www.city.chuo.lg.jp/multilingual/english/bustour-e.html
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