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【13th MIFA International Exchange Festival】Non-Japanese participants Wanted!

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Date Sunday, February 11, 2018
Place Meguro Persimmon Hall & Kumin Campus Park (1-1-1, Yakumo; 7 min. walk from Toritsudaigaku station)
Content We’re offering an opportunity for you to experience Japanese culture through a variety of workshops at the festival on Feb. 11th. First-come, first served.
①Tea Ceremony 11:30~ 12:30~ 13:30~ 14:30~
②Ikebana-Japanese flower arrangemant 11:30~ 12:00~ 14:00~ 14:30~
③Try on Kimono 10:45~ 13:45~
Apply to MIFA with your name, nationality, phone number, event name, preferred time, gender*, age group*, and height*. ( * is applicable only to those who wants to try on kimono.)
Organizer Meguro International Friendship Association(MIFA)
E-mail info@mifa.jp

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