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Let’s try traditional Japanese dance!

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Date Monday, December 11, 2017
Time 13:30~15:30
Place Itabashi Culture Hall(51-1 Oyamahigasicho, Itabashi-ku)
Content ”Put on a yukata and let’s perform the ””Sakura”” dance!
Beginners are welcome. Have fun learning Japanese etiquette and how to wear a kimono.
Content: Learn how to wear a yukata and experience traditional Japanese dance
Capacity: 20 Foreign nationals
Cost: Free
To apply: By Nov. 24 (Fri), send ①~⑦via post, email, or apply through the application form on the Foundation website. ① “Traditional Japanese dance application” ②Address ③Name in hiragana ④Age ⑤Gender ⑥Nationality ⑦ Phone number
Organizer Itabashi Culture and International Exchange Foundation
URL https://www.itabashi-ci.org/int/events/900/

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