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Category Title Date
Event Traditional culture experience program for foreign visitors 【Japanese dance workshop】 2017.04.09 - 2018.03.25
Event Listen to Japanese melodies and try your hand at playing the “koto” -Koto music workshop- 2017.12.23 - 2018.03.03
Event Storytelling in English【Mom and Pop SUMMIT 2017 】 2017.11.25
Seminar ”Introduction to Healthcare Interpreting” (consists of three sessions) 2017.11.30 - 2018.01.19
Event Japanese New Year’s card game ’Karuta’ Workshop, themed around Thailand 2017.11.26
Other Disaster Preparedness Drill for Foreign Residents  We are looking for foreign residents’participation! / Free Entry 2018.01.25
Event 【Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library】“News of the Library Tour in English” 2017.12.05
Event Nakano International Week 2017.11.28 - 2017.12.01
Event English Sightseeing Tour in Bunkyo 2017.11.25
Event English Sightseeing Tour in Bunkyo 2017.12.03
Seminar Kumano Kodo Seminar at Nihombashi 2017.11.23
Event Kodaira International Friendship Festival in 2017 2017.11.26
Event Let’s try traditional Japanese dance! 2017.12.11
Event ★150 YEARS ANNIVERSARY SINCE MEIJI ERA★ Invitation to Deep Local Experience Tour around Yoshidamachi in Yokohama Kangai area 2017.11.15 - 2017.11.29
Event Tokyo Multicultural Fes.~A dsy for exploring the world in Tokyo~ 2017.11.26
Event Noh ”OKINA” - Encounter with Deities 2018.01.27
Event Edo String Puppetry & Comic Storytelling ”What Bunshichi Mottoi Did in Edo Old Town” 2017.12.20
Event JAPANKURU OMOTENASHI POSTCARD 2017.09.01 - 2018.08.31
Other Making Movie of Popular Mystery Novel in Japan / Looking for E-mail Newletter Subscriber of Extra(with performance fee) 2017.10.01 - 2017.11.30
Other Sushi Making Workshop 2017.07.21 - 2017.12.31
Other Creative Karuta Award 2017 - Call for pictures with words 2017.06.01 - 2017.11.30
Other Nakano English Forest 2017.03.19 - 2020.12.31

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